make, shift was an experimental series of workshops organised by lecturers of a visual design communication BA(Hons) programme in South East Asia. The workshops, involving students and professionals, aimed to create a clear link between computational and visual studies through a series of open experiments.

exhibition design,
art direction,
generative design

LASALLE College of the Arts

BRIEF Our brief was to create a visual identity for an exhibition showcasing the outcomes from all the workshops. Since the exhibition itself was developed to highlight and examine the methodologies behind generative design, the visual identity had to reflect that.

CONCEPT We chose to use the shape of the space (Orchard Cineleisure) as a basis for generative experiments. Since the exhibition comprises of outcomes informed by computational creative practices, we subjected our initial shape to an algorithm that manipulated its shape for every workshop.

These shapes, that were 'makeshift' in every sense, were used to generate posters, decals for the exhibition space and promotional videos.

We created a series of posters for every workshop using the shape grammar defined above. These posters were distributed via email and social media to invite students to participate in the workshops.

Each poster had its own unique complex shape grammar corresponding to the workshop name, interspersed with images of the workshop lead and the workshop project.

GENERATIVE GRAPHICS Using the shape grammars defined above, we also used p5.js to create a motion-driven graphic animation that imbibed a spirit of energy to the project.

EXHIBITION SPACE The project culminated in a physical exhibition at the Orchard Cineleisure space. We used blue tape to paste our logo and developed shape grammars onto the walls and floors, bringing back the generative identity to the physical space itself.
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