Yet To Be Defined was a frontage installation for the BA (Hons) Faculty of Design Graduation Showcase.

exhibition design,

art direction,
art installation

Aditi Neti

Abdul Matin
Nurfatin Jumari (Nojo)
Zeke Seow

LASALLE College of the Arts

CONCEPT   Design is not just about creating the perfect artefact. It is also about the magic that happens while foraging and working through what may at first seem imperfect or unfinished. A prime example of this are the offcut pieces created through the process of making and designing, which evoke exciting beginnings of ideas and possibilities beyond the work in view.

OUTCOME   Our installation comprises of acrylic offcuts gathered from different BA programmes that were overlapped with each other, suspended and illuminated. These offcuts greet visitors at the entrance and serve as a reminder and a visual representation of the months of relentless experimentation and hardwork showcased within the gallery.
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